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25/12/2009 · iBook G4 won't boot by Jimmy Greystone Dec 24, 2009 10:38PM PST I have an old iBook G4 I got somewhere around mid to late 2003-2004, I forget which. 07/04/2009 · Does anyone know how I can get my data off the iBook G4? It won't boot up. Is there some combination of keys I can use at start-up to get access to. 08/11/2007 · This won't exactly instill you with confidence, but my iBook G4 died earlier this year. It switched itself off one night. Press the power button, nothing. No sound. Try all manner of fixes to get it going, but it was dead as a paperweight. After seven weeks of trying to get it working, I finally decided to rip the hard disk out of it. 31/12/2005 · does this ibook have firewire ports? in order to boot from an external cd rom or drive, it has to be firewire, USB is too slow, so it won't boot. the cd drive trying to eject is not a good sign, sounds like a possible hardware issue. do you have the apple hardware test disc that came with the ibook? if you do, try to get a hold of a firewire external drive, most likely a dvd rom or dvd-r drive.

26/12/2017 · IBook G4 won't boot, but makes entertaining noses Chris Witte. Loading. iBook G4 Hard Drive Swap Part 1 of 3 - Duration:. Mac pro won't boot - SOLVED - Duration. 19/02/2012 · iBook g4 startup problem snothing100. Loading. iBook G4 - Getting the Most out of your iBook - Duration: 5:48. The 8-Bit Guy 315,505 views. 5:48.. 12/09/2005 · Without those, you won't be able to get your system working again. The iBook shipped with OS X 10.4.2, and the commercial OS X disks don't have that version yet, only 10.4, and those may not boot your iBook, unless you can find a set with 10.4.2 or higher. iBook G4 won't boot. I. Well I make my living on these machines I am a HUGE Apple/ Mac fan at my company I ran across 3 iBook G4's 2 are the 12 inch models 1 is a 14 inch, All running the Mac OS X Panther. One has a blown power supply one has a bad cd and hard drive one as a fried drive.

iBook G4 14" Troubleshooting. Author: Luke Soules and 3 other contributors iBook won't turn on. Your computer will not boot. Bad DC-in board. Your iBook may fail to boot screen remains black or may crash/freeze at random times, possibly with a kernel panic. Hello all. My mother currently has a 14" G4 iBook. She was doing some work at home, when the superdrive wouldn't eject her disc. I looked around online and t. 28/10/2015 · You can boot from USB, i have done it several times on an Ibook G3 and G4, as long as the external drive is properly set you won't have any problem. But if you want to use the external drive as you main system, really i don't know, but will probably be a slow if you achieve it. 21/04/2019 · Can't boot OS X 10.4 Installer on an iBook G4. Thread starter DamageXYZ39; Start date Apr 21, 2019. On my install cd it says OS X 10.4 Install iBook G4. Ive done research about that disk and it matches my iBook, and it has the the built in ram and a single card of 250mb. Mac iBook G4 won't boot. When I hold down the Option key as it is booting, a blue screen appears. In the center of the screen is my hard drive icon with an x in the lower right hand corner. On the.

  1. 02/11/2011 · I have an iBook G4 1.07 GHz 30 gb 256 RAM with Panther. It was working fine until my HD got close to being full. Now I can't get it to boot past the Apple screen. It will either freeze there, or move on to the blue screen and freeze before the progress bar enters. I want to re-install Panther.
  2. 23/07/2012 · Help. I have two white IBook g4's doing the same thing. They won't get past the grey apple and neither one will boot from a start up disk. I've tried all known user remedies including resetting the pram, removing the battery and power source, starting up with the c.
  3. 26/06/2008 · - I firewired the new ibook G4 as an external HD to my old ibook G3 and hoped to install Panther from there. Install Destination to ibook G4 installation seemed OK. What Happened Now: - the new ibook G4 won't boot unless connected to the old ibook G3 or the G4 Quicksilver.
  4. My 20 month old iBook G4 won't boot up. I left it in sleep mode yesterday and found it turned off this morning, though it was plugged to the charger. I tried to start it without the battery, and it went well for five minutes, but then froze and the screen started to go brighter and brighter. I forced it turned off. After that, it won't start up.

Stubborn iBook G4 won't boot -- whatever I try. Close. 3. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. Archived. Stubborn iBook G4 won't boot -- whatever I try. It used to boot, it boots no more! Behold: Internal HDD: visible on boot drive selector screen. gets to gray apple screen. Boot from USB iBook G4 Power PC. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 1 month ago. How do I make my 1.5 GHz PowerBook G4 boot from a USB stick?, but that didn't work, even when I swapped out the suffix \\yaboot for \\tdxi. How to deal with different levels of initiative and propensity to. 25/09/2007 · Im having a problem with my iBook G4.When I try to boot up, it makes the usual mac noise, but once the apple logo appears on the screen it freezes. Ive had OSX reinstalled on it, and it went through to the new user setup, and now it wont get any further than the apple logo.Has it died?

  1. 21/01/2012 · Question: Q: ibook g4 won't boot. Hi my name is Jeremy and I have an iBook G4 laptop that powers up, shows the apple logo, and the loading gear pops up but it gets no further. I know it's an old machine but it's all I have right now and I would like to repair it if possible.
  2. 10/03/2009 · Question: Q: ibook g4 won't boot. hey everyone, i've been reading about the many logic board issues with ibooks and trying to get this one particular ibook to boot. its the 12-in 1.2hgz model. its getting power, but i get no startup chime, the screen stays black.
  3. 24/10/2009 · Question: Q: ibook g4 won't boot properly. I recently bought an ibook g4 about a month ago, and now when I try to start it, I get to the gray screen with the spinning wheel, and then it shuts off. No matter how long I let it sit, it just shuts off.
  4. 05/01/2013 · My iBook G4 10.4 won't start up. I was doing updates to 10.4.11 and it froze. Then I restart the computer and it won't boot anymore. Please help.

19/07/2011 · First boot running Mac Os 10.5 Leopard. 11/12/2009 · This powerbook doesn't turn on every now and then, regardless of how many times you press the power button. I've found fiddling with the memory resolves the problem, but it. 09/03/2011 · I have a 2004 iBook G4, i replaced the hard drive a couple of years ago, hard drive crashed. I replaced it with a WD hard drive, about three weeks ago, little by little i started getting the dreaded blinking folder with the question mark, i backed up all my info then finally it died on me.

26/09/2011 · Panther also supports Classic as well as dual boot, so she does have access to any old games that might still be around. I just don't know if I should invest the money and time in a new HD that may not even solve the issue, or move her up to a G4. We're talking $70 vs. $200, give or take. Decided to reinstall Mac OS on my iBook G4 and replaced the hard disk, but I inserted the wrong CD disc 2 instead of 1 and couldn't eject it. Reset the PMU, tried the eject command, nothing worked. Ended up going into the Open Boot Firmware to eject the cd with the command "eject cd," but it asks for a password like so. 15/10/2010 · When I boot PowerBook G4 displays the grey screen and the apple logo and goes no further. Now read all the furom everywhere it say For most situations, a restart is sufficient. If the computer has stopped responding, try these steps, in order, until the computer responds: Force Quit.

Booting your iBook G4 from a USB stick So I spent the better half of the night trying to figure out how to make my iBook G4 boot from a USB stick. I have the Leopard ISO,. on my USB using transmac on my PC and after I do all this it stays on a grey screen with just an apple logo on it and won't boot : Reply Delete. Replies. Reply.

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